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Sailboat transport and launching


For mast stepping information see our page here


  With our own pneumatic trailer and crane and with 20 years experience we are Long Island's premier service for moving your sailboat to and from the water. Unlike standard trailers our equipment allows for safe launching of deep keel boats from typical ramps. You are now free from expensive travel lifts !

 A customer noted: "It's a remarkable sight, the hydraulic pads under the boat lifting it out of the water ... they met me at the launch ramp at a mid tide, and then backed the trailer under the boat. From the ramp they used a remote box to control the lift of each pad under the boat ! My 30 foot 5 foot draft fixed keel boat was comfortably handled like a toy ! "


For mast stepping information see our page here


Long Island's best sailboat hauling and launching service


 Based in Suffolk County we serve all Long island New York











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